Which League of Legends team has won the LCK championship many times

LCK Spring 2024 has officially kicked off with the participation of 10 teams. Many people expected that the championship would change hands, or that another team could overthrow the dominance of GEN.G and T1. 

So, in the past, which team won the LCK championship the most times?

Which team has won the most LCK championships in history? 

From the first LCK period in spring 2012 until now, T1 is the team with the most championships in history with 10 trophy lifts. The last time Faker and his teammates lifted the trophy in Korea was LCK Spring 2022. 

List of LCK championship teams

The LCK championship teams below have undergone many name changes and ownership changes. For example, T1 once won the championship under the name SKT; Gen.G was champion when it was Samsung Blue; or DPlus KIA’s predecessor is Damwon Gaming.

Of the teams below, CJ Entus, Najin Sword and MiG Blaze are no longer competing in the LCK.

Team Number of championshipsChampion year
T1/SKTtenLCK Spring 2022, Spring 2020, Spring – Summer 2019, Spring 2017, Spring 2016, Spring – Summer 2015, Winter 2013/14, Summer 2013
Gen.G/Samsung Blue3Summer 2023, Spring 2023, Summer 2022, Spring 2014
DPlus KIA/Damwon Gaming2Spring 2021, summer 2021, summer 2020.
KT Rolster2Summer 2018, summer 2014
CJ Entus/Azubu Frost2Summer 2012
DRX2Spring 2018, summer 2017
Hanwha Life EsportsfirstSummer 2016
MVP/MVP OzonefirstSpring 2013
Najin SwordfirstWinter 2012/13
MiG Blaze firstSpring 2012

When will LCK Spring 2024 take place? 

LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) is the highest level tournament of the game League of Legends in Korea. In a year, there will be 2 LCK seasons: spring and summer. 

LCK Spring 2024 tournament takes place from January 17, 2024. 

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