The most unusual injuries in NBA history: Dog bites, bed collapse, punching yourself into the wall

Denver Nuggets main striker Aaron Gordon will be forced to take some time off to recover from his strange injury: being bitten by a dog on Christmas day. Specifically, Gordon suffered lacerations to his face and right hand after Denver’s 120-114 victory over the Golden State Warriors.

There is still no specific announcement on Gordon’s return time, but according to the latest information, he is in good recovery.

In addition to Aaron Gordon, the main striker of the Philadelphia 76ers, Kelly Oubre Jr. also had a rather “weird” injury when he was hit by a car near his house, leading to broken ribs. He had to be absent from the field for nearly a month until he recovered. 

Let’s take a look at the most bizarre injuries in NBA history with Sporting News.

Derrick Rose cuts his hand with a knife

The former MVP of the Chicago Bulls had to have 10 stitches in his left arm after cutting himself with a knife while peeling apples in bed. Immediately after that, he immediately called then-Chicago Bulls coach Fred Tedeschi to be taken to the hospital. As a result, he had to miss the important match against the Knicks at the United Center.

Drew Gooden has a follicle infection in his leg

Gooden played 83 consecutive matches in 2004 until he was seen limping during practice. According to ESPN, Gooden had an infected leg follicle due to a spider bite.

Kendrick Perkins was injured when his bed collapsed

In 2007, a bed collapsed and crushed Kendrick Perkins’s toe, causing him to be absent for a long time.

The “victim” himself had to say that this accident was too strange. Specifically, according to Perkins, the maid did not reassemble the bed carefully, so one side of the bed was skewed. This forced him to try to adjust it, but unfortunately, a board caved in, causing one side of the bed to collapse, crushing Perkins’ leg while his other leg was still under the bed.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had to leave the game after punching himself in the basket

Abdul-Jabbar missed the first 16 games of the 1974/75 season with a broken hand. The reason was very “weird” when he punched himself in the basket after Don Nelson was poked in the eye during a friendly match. 

Latrell Sprewell was injured by punching himself into a wall 

According to the New York Post, Latrell Sprewell broke his arm when he missed punching a man on his new yacht, because he had previously vomited on the carpet next to the bar area.

The argument occurred at 02:30, Sprewell appeared helpless when he asked a couple to leave the boat but the man did not cooperate. The NBA player then swung a punch at this man but missed. As a result, his ‘heavenly’ punch went straight into the wall. According to revealed information, Sprewell appeared to be in pain, constantly cursing and threatening the guests on the yacht not to tell or discuss the events that day.

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