LCK Spring 2024: Match schedule, rankings, latest updated results

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LCK Spring 2024 rankings: Latest update

3Dplus KIA1-0
4KT Rolster0-0
5Hanwha Life Esports0-0
7Kwangdong Freecs0-0

LCK Spring 2024: Match schedule, latest and most accurate updated results

Group stage 

Week 1

January 1715:00DRX 0- 2 NS
January 175:30 p.mGEN 2 -1 T1
January 1815:00BRO 0- 2 DK
January 185:30 p.mKT vs FOX
January 1915:00HLE vs DRX
January 195:30 p.mT1 vs KDF
January 2013:00BRO vs FOX
January 203:30 p.mNS vs GEN
January 2113:00KDF vs HLE
January 213:30 p.mDK vs KT

Week 2

January 2415:00FOX vs HLE
January 245:30 p.mKDF vs KT
January 2515:00DK vs NS
January 255:30 p.mBRO vs GEN
January 2615:00KT vs T1
January 265:30 p.mDRX vs FOX
January 2713:00GEN vs DK
January 273:30 p.mNS vs KDF
January 2813:00DRX vs BRO
January 283:30 p.mHLE vs T1

Week 3

January 3115:00KDF vs DK
January 315:30 p.mKT vs BRO
February 115:00T1 vs DRX
February 15:30 p.mFOX vs NS
February 215:00GEN vs KDF
February 25:30 p.mDK vs HLE
February 313:00DRX vs KT
February 33:30 p.mBRO vs T1
February 413:00NS vs HLE
February 43:30 p.mFOX vs GEN

Week 4

February 1415:00KT vs GEN
February 145:30 p.mDRX vs KDF
February 1515:00T1 vs DK
February 155:30 p.mHLE vs BRO
February 1615:00NS vs KT
February 165:30 p.mKDF vs FOX
February 1713:00GEN vs HLE
February 173:30 p.mDK vs DRX
February 1813:00FOX vs T1
February 183:30 p.mNS vs BRO

Week 5

February 2115:00T1 vs NS
February 215:30 p.mHLE vs KT
February 2215:00DK vs FOX
February 225:30 p.mGEN vs DRX
February 2315:00KDF vs BRO
February 235:30 p.mHLE vs NS
February 2413:00T1 vs KT
February 243:30 p.mGEN vs FOX
February 2513:00DRX vs DK
February 253:30 p.mBRO vs KDF

Week 6

February 2815:00KDF vs GEN
February 285:30 p.mT1 vs FOX
February 2915:00DK vs BRO
February 295:30 p.mNS vs DRX
March 115:00HLE vs FOX
March 15:30 p.mGEN vs KT
March 213:00KDF vs NS
March 23:30 p.mT1 vs BRO
03/0313:00KT vs DK
03/033:30 p.mDRX vs HLE

Week 7

March 615:00BRO vs DRX
March 65:30 p.mHLE vs GEN
March 715:00KDF vs T1
March 75:30 p.mFOX vs KT
March 815:00BRO vs HLE
March 85:30 p.mNS vs DK
March 913:00T1 vs GEN
March 93:30 p.mKDF vs DRX
March 1013:00KT vs NS
March 103:30 p.mFOX vs DK

Week 8

March 1315:00HLE vs KDF
March 135:30 p.mDK vs T1
March 1415:00FOX vs DRX
March 145:30 p.mBRO vs KT
March 1515:00GEN vs NS
March 155:30 p.mT1 vs HLE
March 1613:00FOX vs KDF
March 163:30 p.mKT vs DRX
March 1713:00BRO vs NS
March 173:30 p.mDK vs GEN

Week 9

March 2015:00DRX vs GEN
March 205:30 p.mNS vs T1
March 2115:00KT vs HLE
March 215:30 p.mDK vs KDF
March 2215:00GEN vs BRO
March 225:30 p.mNS vs FOX
March 2313:00HLE vs DK
March 233:30 p.mDRX vs T1
March 2413:00FOX vs BRO
March 243:30 p.mKT vs KDF

LCK spring 2024 competition format

LCK 2024 has no changes in format, the tournament is divided into 2 phases: group stage and playoffs. In the group stage, 10 teams will compete in a 2-round round robin. Matches take place in Bo3 format. The top 6 teams will advance to the playoffs.

In the playoffs round, the tournament applies a winner-loser format. The top 2 teams after the group stage will go straight to the winner’s bracket semi-finals, while the remaining 4 teams will start competing from the quarter-finals. Teams that lose in the playoffs will have one more chance in the loser’s bracket. The matches in the playoffs will take place in a Bo5 format.

The champion and runner-up team of LCK Spring 2024 will represent Korea to attend the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2024.