Cristiano Ronaldo apologizes in China, Korean media breaks guard

Jbet88 On January 23, the organizer of the Riyadh Victory Tournament stated that Ronaldo was injured and unable to play, and the two games originally scheduled for the 24th and 28th were postponed. Ronaldo said at the press conference: “Today is a very sad day for me. I want to apologize to the Chinese fans. I love China and I want to play for you.”

“I have played for 23 years, and injuries are inevitable. I am very sad about this. Chinese fans have always been in my heart.” Ronaldo also said that China is his “second home.”

Some Korean media compared this with Ronaldo’s previous attitude towards South Korea.

Korean media said that Ronaldo has good memories of China, which is different from South Korea. “Cristiano Ronaldo’s attitude in China was completely different. In South Korea, he left without apologizing.”

Some Korean media recalled the details of Juventus’ game in South Korea, saying that the team arrived an hour later than expected, which was a disregard for Korean fans.

According to the China-Singapore Sports Forum, the grievances between Korean fans and Ronaldo date back to 2019. At that time, Ronaldo, who was playing for Juventus, went to South Korea with the team to participate in a friendly match. During Juventus’ match against the K-League All-Stars, all the fans at the scene were waiting for Ronaldo to come on, but the latter remained on the bench until the end of the game. After the game, Ronaldo did not explain to Korean fans and media.

It is worth mentioning that before arriving in South Korea, Juventus had already played two games in Singapore and China.

Among them, the game between Juventus and Inter Milan was held in Nanjing. Cristiano Ronaldo not only played for 90 minutes, but also scored a free kick. In contrast, Cristiano Ronaldo played the “no-fight card” in South Korea, which aroused the collective anger of Korean fans.

Although the then Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri later explained that he originally planned to let Ronaldo play, but due to his poor muscle condition, he could not make the decision at the moment.

However, South Korea does not buy this statement. The organizer of the game sent a letter of protest to Juventus. Some fans tore off Ronaldo’s jersey, and a large number of fans poured into Ronaldo’s social media to abuse him.

After this unpleasant trip to South Korea, Ronaldo seemed to have unilaterally entered the “blacklist” of Korean fans. Whenever Cristiano Ronaldo appears, some Korean fans will think of “Cristiano Ronaldo owes them an apology.”

In the Qatar World Cup group stage, South Korea defeated Portugal 2:1. Korean fans found a way to vent their anger, jokingly calling Cristiano Ronaldo the defender of the Korean team and photoshopping a Korean ID card for him overnight to mock his performance on the field.

More than four years have passed since Ronaldo’s trip to South Korea, but the Korean media and fans are still worried about it.

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KKjili According to the original plan, Riyadh Victory will play friendly matches with Shanghai Shenhua and Zhejiang Team on January 24 and January 28 respectively. Ronaldo himself will participate in a live broadcast on an e-commerce platform on January 26.

The organizer of Riyadh Victory China Tour said on the 23rd that Ronaldo was unable to play due to physical reasons and the game was postponed. Fans who have purchased tickets can receive a full refund, and the organizer will also compensate for the actual air ticket and hotel expenses incurred.

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